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Empty Your Head

Empty Your Head

As a business owner, there’s always a million things to do…

Most of us carry our list around in our heads… and if we try to keep it up there it can consume us. 

A practice I recommend is an exercise in ’emptying your head’. 

When your head is full, it is very difficult to create space and to focus on other things. You generally aren’t present and your not particularly useful.

Remembering NOT TO FORGET takes time and energy, and it doesn’t serve you to keep all of this stuff in your head. Find a space where you will be uninterrupted, and empty your head – as a big list. Give yourself 30 minutes – and use ALL of that time. There are many apps/tools – one we use is Trello – where you can make digital lists. The fun part is then to put this into four categories:

The First is ‘Don’t Do’ – you’ve not done it for a while, it doesn’t need to be done, you can simply cross it off. 

The Second is ‘Delegate’ – initial next to the item, who you will give this to, to complete. 

The Third is ‘Do Now’ – give yourself another half an hour to get through these things; 

and The Fourth is ‘Defer’ – put into a diary and plan it. 

You then have everything captured and in a place that you can refer back to when you have space and capacity.  You will feel lighter, mentally, and your team and family will appreciate your presence again.

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