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Induction Checklist

Induction Checklist

A must-have tool for all new employees…

When a new employee starts, there is a consistent pattern – they start out with enthusiasm and excitement which then tapers off (and is often replaced by anxiety and fear) as they realise how little they know, and how scary/hard this job might be. Hopefully, this levels out when they begin feeling useful… What varies among new employees is the speed of that decline and how long they stay down there – which dictates whether they survive in your workplace or not.  

You can minimise this anxiety with a thorough induction checklist. The fear is borne out of the unknown, and we remove that for them by telling them exactly what we will be training them on. When we make them aware of the list, we can help them relax and be confident knowing that they will be trained, and won’t look silly.  Realise how your new person is feeling, and minimise that anxiety with an induction checklist (and process). 

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