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We’re Still Learning

We’re Still Learning

My turn to be a little vulnerable…

Today the subject of attention is Me (Lance) – I received some valuable feedback from someone I have a lot of admiration for that was insightful and useful – albeit a little difficult – to hear. 

I had shared some of our business journey at a networking function and the feedback I received was that this person had previously been hesitant to talk to me because they had found me intimidating. They didn’t realise the challenges that we’d faced too because I’d never expressed them before.

I’ve been running my own business now for 13 years, and have done the workaholic (80+ hour weeks) thing, had to make people redundant, suffered good and bad employees… We’ve endured and survived periods of significant losses – month on month; we launched a franchise – and then un-did that franchise…  It hasn’t been smooth sailing or simple for us either. 

We’ve seen and dealt with most of it, and I hadn’t considered that if we don’t share that, or if we look too good, then that could intimidate people or make then fearful that we will judge them because they’re experiencing challenges. Please park your fears and doubts. To run a business is a massive undertaking, and the fact you’re doing it is huge!  We definitely won’t judge you for having challenging times. 

If you are facing challenges, put your hand up – ask for help!  There is very little we haven’t come across. Don’t try and figure it out yourself – that is a very expensive way to go about it.  Be brave. Ask. We are all human, we are all learning and we are all trying. You don’t have to do it by yourself.

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