Do you run your company? Or does it run you?

business consultant nzBefore you started your business, you were well-respected in your field – recognised for that all-important combination of skill, knowledge and reliability. It made sense to go into business for yourself, so that all your passion, effort and expertise could be channeled into your own net worth.

nz business adviceToday you have anywhere between 5 and 50 employees, annual turnover of between $500k and $5m, and a collection of loyal customers who love what you do. You also have family and friends who don’t see enough of you.

Work days are long and weekends often become the mop-up zone for tasks you couldn’t complete during the week. The business appears to be running at full speed, however this non-stop productivity isn’t necessarily reflected in the bottom line.

nz biz adviceYou’re wondering ‘how do I grow my business?’, but the answer is elusive. Right now you’re too busy keeping fingers in pies and putting out fires. It would also be great to have more time for life – holidays, family time, sport, fitness, and just doing nothing… occasionally. And that’s why you’re here, checking out our website.

Why choose to work with us?


Become a more effective business person by upgrading essential skills – leadership, communications, time management, business planning, understanding performance metrics, employee relations

Drive profitability up by focusing on better control of your business.

Learn how to deal with short-term issues without neglecting long-term needs

Solve problems with expert input that helps you to find the best answers

Harness new technology and applications that smooth daily operations and reveal easy opportunities for business improvement

Have a clear action plan that you’re accountable for

Feel confident with decision making, because you have good advice on tap

Get more time for life – family, friends and fun

Groom your business for sale, so you can achieve a top price

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Ready to break out of your rut and move your business forward?

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How coaching works

Session by session we’ll look at every aspect of your business, identifying and addressing each challenge as it’s revealed. Between face-to-face sessions you’ll receive support as required, over the phone and by email.

The challenges your business is experiencing have taken years to develop, so common sense says they won’t go away overnight. We work with business owners who recognise that positive changes take time if they’re going to stick. As they say, Rome wasn’t built in a day.


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The ground we’ll cover



seven levels of business


six building blocks of business

Cost & Commitment

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6 Weeks to Action Toolkit
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Wondering if our style of coaching is for you? We have condensed 6 of our most valuable and actionable tips from real coaching sessions to give you a taste of our business coaching style.


  • Weekly instalments delivered direct to your inbox for 6 weeks
  • Rich, relevant content outlining business problems like ‘Why selling more is costing you money’ and access to our blueprint on how to move forward.
  • Valuable and actionable tips to start making changes within your business – now.

At the end of the six weeks you will have a taste for how business coaching can work for you. You’ll also gain an insight into our unique approach to helping overworked business owners regain control of their business.




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